Our Products

Experience the extraordinary flavors of NSP’s 100% Natural Spices. Handpicked and carefully crafted, our premium spice collection adds an authentic touch to your culinary creations. Elevate your dishes with vibrant aromas and tantalizing flavors, while enjoying the incredible health benefits they offer. Unleash the magic of NSP in your kitchen today.

Core Spices

NSP Turmeric Powder

NSP Turmeric Powder, A premium quality spice powder that adds a bright golden hue and earthy flavor to your dishes

NSP Coriander Powder​

NSP Coriander Powder, A fresh and flavorful spice powder made from carefully sourced coriander seeds.

NSP Chilli Powder

NSP Guntur Chilli powders have perfect color, pungency, and flavor. Made from natural Guntur chilli which adds the perfect blend of spiciness to any dish.

NSP Pickle Chilli Powder

NSP Pickle Chilli Powder brings pungency and flavor to your cooking. Made from high-quality Guntur red chilli, it adds a bold, spicy kick to any dish or pickles.